Directions to Steve's Place

Steve Liu
10 Crestmont Road #7L
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 509-2219

-Take GSP North. Exit to the right at Exit 145 (280W)
-Pay the toll.
-Keep to your left. Follow the signs to 280W The Oranges
-Keep left to 280W The Oranges. You will merge with 280W.
-Go a few miles. When you see a sign for 577 North / Prospect Ave / Cedar
Grove / West Orange, keep to your right.
-You will exit at Exit 8B (577 North / Prospect Ave / Cedar Grove). You will
exit to your right and merge onto Prospect Ave.
-Pass first light
-Pass second light (you will pass by Boland Drive)
-Pass third light (You will pass Pals Cabin to your left, You will pass Exxon
and Eagle Rock Reservation to your right)
-Pass fourth light (You will pass entrance to Big K to your left)
-Pass fifth light. Go around a curve. Pass The Manor and The Montclair
"$20,000/year to join) Country Club to the left.
-Pass sixth light.
-Pass seventh light. Prospect Ave turns into Route 23. You will cross over
506 (Bloomfield Ave), and will pass an Exxon station, an Acura dealer and a
Pizza place to your left.
-Keep to the right lane. You will pass Mt. Vernon Square. Look CAREFULLY for
WESTOVER RD. It's easy to miss. Itís only about 2-3 blocks down. Turn RIGHT
at Westover.Go to the end of the street until you see a huge house (Kip's
Ridge) in front of you and turn RIGHT.
-Pass two driveways. Turn LEFT at the lower driveway and park in the lower
parking (the rich people get a little miffed if you park in the upper
-Walk to the front door and say youíre here to visit Steve in 7L.